Report for BMA London Region

  • 'On the Brink', on looming cuts in London, drafted November 2009, published January 2010.

UNISON Eastern Region publications

Challenging World Class Commissioning (Summer 2009):

Responses produced for Trade Unions

  • Addenbrooke's Laundry - Restructuring of the delivery of laundry and linen services at Addenbrooke's Hospital. Sets out UNISON's formal response to the consultation at Addenbrooke's and underlines our commitment to the principle of an expanded NHS laundry service, directly provided by NHS staff. Researched by Geoff Martin for UNISON Cambridgeshire Health Branch, February 2008
  • Under the Knife - A detailed response to A Picture of Health - proposals for health services in SE London that threaten to force the closure of most in-patient care at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup. Researched for Staff Side unions at Queen Mary's, October 2007
  • Caught in the crossfire - A response for UNISON Eastern Region to plans for Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon, 2007
  • Hiving off Peterborough - A response for UNISON NW Anglia Health branch to a consultation document The Next Steps, proposing that some PCT-provided services should become a social enterprise or a foundation trust (Autumn 2007)
  • Mental health under the axe - A response drafted for UNISON North Essex Mental Health Branch to cash-cutting plans to reduce mental health services, 2007.
  • Social Enterprise pamphlet - A pamphlet researched for UNISON Oxfordshire health branch, responding to plans by the Ridgeway partnership (learning disabilities) Trust to become a social enterprise or foundation trust (2007)
  • UNISON's response to Herts PCTs - Response drafted for UNISON Hertfordshire Health Branches and UNISON Eastern region to the consultation document Delivering Quality Health Care for Hertfordshire.
  • A blank cheque for privatisation - A response drafted for UNISON West Midlands Region to the 2006 proposals for a single West Midlands Strategic Health Authority.
  • A sledgehammer to crack a nut - An analysis for UNISON Northern Region of the PFI scheme to fund the new Northern Neuro Disability Services Centre on the Walkergate Park site
  • Castles in the air - A response drafted on behalf of Gwent Healthcare Branch of UNISON to the consultation document Our Clinical Futures, winter 2006

Union Branch Newspapers

LHE has continued to work with a number of UNISON Branches to produce local tabloid newspapers, giving members and other Trust employees up-to-date information on key issues facing the union, UNISON campaigns, Health & Safety and other issues.

These have now substantially improved in quality, and now, in common with Health Emergency newspaper, are in FULL COLOUR THROUGHOUT - whether the newspaper is a 4-pager on gloss, or an 8-pager on newsprint.

LHE undertakes to carry out the editorial work, design the newspaper, and arrange printing: the branch is always completely in control of the content and presentation. Nothing goes to press unless it has been agreed with the appropriate branch officer.

The back page of each issue is in most cases a large membership form, and the newspapers act as an effective tool for recruitment of members, stewards and reps.

This service is available to all LHE affiliates.

Sample pages of these newspapers (in Adobe Reader format) can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link below.

London area

  • In Touch - newspaper covering the Epsom/St Helier Hospital Trust.
  • Union eyes - quarterly newspaper for UNISON mental health branches in South London & Maudsley Trust (SLAM).
  • Meerkat (formerly Bear Facts) - Community Health South London UNISON branch
  • Union eyes - Kingston Hospital UNISON branch bulletin.
  • Unison News - UNISON mental health branches in South West London (SWAG).

Further information

Contact us to find out how we could help to produce a local newspaper for YOUR union branch.

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