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Playing instructions

At the start of the game each player will have £5 million. Roll the die to see who goes first. The player with the highest number will start the game.

Starting from the New Financial Year, each player in turn will roll a die and advance that number of spaces.

Depending on which space you happen to land on, you may buy up any of the unsold businesses, or have to pay a fee to the owner as stipulated.

The owner of a business or contract is indicated by a marker of the player's colour next to the square.

A player who has already bought a contract and lands again on his own square may invest in another contract to raise extra fees from others who land on it.

If a player manages to purchase both PPE contracts, the fees for those landing on those squares are doubled.

If a player owns all three Covid contracts, the fees for those landing on those squares are doubled.

A player landing on Community Care or Triage squares must throw a dice to discover the result on the centre of the board.

During the course of the game, you are entitled to collect £1 million each time you pass the New Financial Year.

If you cannot pay the amount owed to the bank or another player and cannot negotiate a loan from any other player, you are considered bankrupt. If landing on another player’s property causes your demise, you must give that player everything you have left.

Once a player has gone bankrupt, the game is over. The remaining players must now determine their total values, including cash and contracts owned at full board price. The player worth the largest amount of money is the Hospital Millionaire.

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