Fighting Privatisation

The fight against privatisation and commercialisation
of health in Europe

On April 7 in Brussels the European Public Services Union, its member unions and a coalition of anti-privatisation campaigns and NGOs from as far afield as Greece and Turkey came together in a Day of Action and a conference to launch a new website resource.

The website aims to chart the moves towards privatisation and relevant issues for union and campaign activists - across the continent. In the meantime the EPSU is also upgrading and updating its own website coverage on health.

  • The presentation from Greek academic and campaigner Elias Kondilis is here
  • The presentation from John Lister, of Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together is here
  • A new working paper warning of the dangers of CETA and TTIP is here
  • An overview of the impact of the economic crisis on health and social care is here

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